I'm a low-income Singaporean (a citizen of Singapore by birth) trapped in a permanent underclass by the innately evil PAP government through the use of casteism in harness with lawfare due to Malaysia's covert and deceptive foreign interference in Singapore since 1965.

My biological child and myself are being targeted by MSF (CPSSSAs) and the Family Justice Courts (mastermind) to be trapped in a permanent underclass because of who we are, not because of what we have done – PAP's casteism is a system of the strong bullying the weak and the rich oppressing the poor, hence all low-income Singaporeans are being targeted by the innately evil PAP government to be trapped in a permanent underclass so that PAP's cadres and richest would be trapped in a permanent upperclass.

Unfortunately for the innately evil PAP government, I'm a law-abiding citizen who will preserve, protect and defend the "sovereignty of the Republic of Singapore as an independent nation" against Malaysia's covert and deceptive foreign interference in Singapore since 1965 through the use of Commonwealth Principles.