POLICE REPORT L/20210505/7032

Date/Time Report Made: 5 May 2021 16:11

Brief details.

Incident linked to L/20210502/7031.

In 2016, my parents agreed to take care of Sumi for my ex-wife free of charge and didn't ask for a transfer of Sumi's care and control to me. I think my parents wanted Sumi to be a buffer for their unseen long-standing troubled marriage. My parents then forced me to apply for a rental flat with a stranger through the use of violent, threatening and controlling behaviour on me at the same time in 2016. For a start, my parents would have thought that it is safer to have me in their house because they can push the "responsibility for Sumi" to me when the need arises. If anything bad happens to Sumi, my parents need to answer to my ex-wife because she has Sumi's care and control.

After I moved into my rental flat in December 2016, my parents decided to tell my ex-wife to transfer Sumi's care and control to me because my parents know that I'm in a very weak position and cannot do anything to them if anything bad happens to Sumi. I got Sumi's care and control on 31 July 2017. My parents had everything planned out according to their advantages. I can conclude from my parents' doings that they have completely lost their parental instincts over the years and treat their descendants as pawns in their unseen long-standing troubled marriage. My parents are living in a tiny 37 sqm 2-room Flexi flat, hence my parents wouldn't help my ex-wife take care of Sumi in 2016 if Sumi is not useful as a buffer for their unseen long-standing troubled marriage.

Sumi ran away from my parents' home on 11 January 2021 after school. I made a WhatsApp voice call to my ex-wife that day and she told me that Sumi can't tolerate her grandmother any more and wants to stay at her place for a while. My ex-wife never mentioned anything about Sumi not being happy about coming to my house on Saturdays. My parents later on (in March 2021) claimed that coming to my house on every Saturday was the reason why Sumi ran away from their home, which aroused my suspicions that my parents were trying to push their mistakes to me and something fishy was going on behind my back.

I made it a point for Sumi to come to my house every Saturday in 2018 because my ex-wife frequently played Sumi out on Saturdays whenever she promised to visit her. I know that it is not good for children to be separated from their parents for too long. If Sumi's mother doesn't visit her on Saturdays, at least Sumi gets to see her father on Saturdays. I think my parents want Sumi to be detached from her parents and be completely attached to them so Sumi has stopped coming to my house since 11 January 2021. The last time I saw Sumi was on 25 March 2021 at my parents' house after the case conference at Qihua Primary School.

Initially, I thought that Sumi had met an online groomer or a young pervert who was out to harm her when Sumi started to exhibit attachment issues with her grandparents from October 2020. Sumi didn't exhibit any attachment issues with me until 11 January 2021. Now I think the cause of the attachment issues is actually coming from my mother driving a wedge between all of us. My mother's modus operandi of sowing discord is to put words in my mouth by saying things I never said before and my father likes to play along with her modus operandi so that I can be a convenient scapegoat to conceal their unseen marital woes.

continued on the next police report due to the character limit of 4000 words.

POLICE REPORT L/20210505/7033

Date/Time Report Made: 5 May 2021 17:01

Brief details.

Incident linked to L/20210505/7032.

I'm sure my father is aware of my mother's modus operandi of sowing discord but played along to prove to everyone (my sister and relatives) that the "1986 incident" didn't affect his marriage badly. My parents and my maternal grandmother were supposed to attend an important event in Johor in 1986. On that day, my father suddenly told my mother that he is not going to Johor when the 3 of them were waiting for the train at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station (KTM). My mother felt suspicious and tailgated my father. She later found out that my father had bought 2 movie tickets and wanted to watch the movie with her younger stepsister while they (my mother and my maternal grandmother) are away in Johor. My mother took a chopper from the kitchen and tried to kill my father but my father managed to grab ahold of her wrist to prevent her from slashing him with the chopper. I vividly remember this scene. Prior to the Johor trip, my mother already asked her younger stepsister to look after me and my sister while they are away.

My mother told me that in 1990, shortly after we moved into a 5-room flat at Sin Ming, my father made a call to her younger stepsister at her office and asked her out. Her younger stepsister was infuriated and informed my maternal grandmother about it. My maternal grandmother told my mother to tell my father to stop harassing her daughter. This incident was unknown to me during that time because my parents kept it a secret and didn't have a big fight. Nonetheless, these 2 incidents explained the excessive canings by my mother between 1986 to 1995. I could tell the difference between "disciplinary canings" and "foul mood canings" in 1993.

The original plan, after I booked my new SBF (Sale of Balance Flat) house on 23 October 2019, is to get my mother to sleep with Sumi (because Sumi doesn't dare to sleep alone) at the new flat until Sumi asks her to leave. I predict that Sumi will ask my mother to leave when she is around 14 years old. However I think my mother has been influencing Sumi to develop self-destructive, anti-social, deviant or other maladaptive behaviour in revenge for my father's cold shoulder and talking to other women, hence Sumi will have to sleep alone in her own room when the new flat is ready. I know my mother can't forgive my father for falling in love with her younger stepsister. My parents have developed a manipulative and scheming personality over the years.

I will forward a copy of this report to Qihua Primary School and the MSF for their necessary action. No police action required.​


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