POLICE REPORT L/20210502/7031

Date/Time Report Made: 2 May 2021 18:40

Brief details.

Incident linked to J/20160824/7008.

I received a WhatsApp voice call from my father @14:57PM telling me that my 11-year-old daughter, Sumi Cyrus, refused to live with me at my new SBF (Sale of Balance Flat) house at Bt Batok West Ave 8 unless I apply for Woodgrove Secondary School for her Direct School Admission for secondary schools (DSA-Sec). I told my father to pass the call to my daughter and I explained to her that Bt Batok West Ave 8 is far away from Woodgrove Secondary School and I will apply for secondary schools near Bt Batok West Ave 8 for her. I also reminded my daughter not to threaten me with her grandparents' support. My parents intend to keep my daughter at their house because they are afraid to be alone with each other and wanted to use my daughter as a buffer, hence my parents soured relations between me and my daughter secretly from me for quite some time.

My parents have had a long-standing troubled marriage since 1986. My father had fallen in love with my mother's younger stepsister in 1986. My parents are inveterate liars who think they would lose face if they admitted their marital problems, hence they are not open to marriage counselling and their marital problems worsened in recent years. My mother complained to me that my father gave her the cold shoulder and betrayed her by talking to other women in recent months. My mother is very possessive about my father. I discovered that my mother will secretly plot against me whenever she is unhappy with my father in order to punish my father. My mother always believed that her children's life belonged to her.

My daughter has been living with my parents since 2016 and I only see her once a week on Saturdays. My daughter had ran away from my parents' house twice in October 2020 and January 2021, claiming that she cannot tolerate my mother any more on both occasions. My daughter had escaped to her classmate's place in October 2020 and escaped to her mother's place on 11 January 2021. I have my daughter's care and control. Recently, my daughter exhibited disruptive behavioural problems such as lying, aggressiveness, destructiveness, disobedience and emotional problems such as feelings of depression, suicidal ideas and attempts, anger, hostility. I believe that my daughter has learned all the wrong things from my parents' frequent quarrels as well as my parents bad-mouthing me all the time. I already see my daughter drifting towards BPC (Beyond Parental Control) due to my parents' teachings.

My daughter is currently studying at Qihua Primary School and is taking her PSLE this year. I'm collecting the keys to my new SBF (Sale of Balance Flat) house at Bt Batok West Ave 8 in 1st Quarter 2022. I deliberately booked a new SBF (Sale of Balance Flat) house instead of a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat so that we (my daughter and myself) can move in before her secondary school begins. The original Probable Completion Date (PCD) was 4th Quarter 2021 but was delayed to 1st Quarter 2022 due to COVID-19. I booked my new SBF (Sale of Balance Flat) house on 23 October 2019 to give my daughter a good start for her secondary school but my parents spoiled it for my daughter by keeping her at their house because they are afraid to be alone with each other. I think it is unfair and unkind of my parents to drag my daughter into their marital woes and I made an error of judgment to put my trust in my parents.

I will forward a copy of this report to Qihua Primary School and the MSF for their necessary action. No police action required.​


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