POLICE REPORT G/20240628/7057

Date/Time Report Made: 28 June 2024 13:41

Brief details.

Incident linked to G/20240621/7044.

I refer to https://str.sg/N9cQ (see below)

SINGAPORE - Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar became the first king of Malaysia to visit Parliament House when a sitting was in session, on May 7.

When the King entered the Speaker's Gallery with his entourage at 12.10pm, Speaker of Parliament Seah Kian Peng announced their presence and welcomed the visitors to the Chamber.

"I am confident that His Majesty's visit is a precursor to even stronger ties between Singapore and Malaysia," said Mr Seah, as MPs thumped their armrests in approval.

PAP MPs have transferred the political sovereignty of Singapore to the Johor Sultanate without a national referendum and began lowering the standards of the Singapore Public Service to match the corrupt standards (coffee money) of the Johor Government some time ago. This prepares for a future national referendum when the time is ripe, allowing Malaysia to gain full control of Singapore's financial reserves estimated at more than S$1 trillion - the "sovereignty of the Republic of Singapore as an independent nation" means nothing to Singaporeans if the Singapore Public Service adopts Johor's corrupt standards.

It was my fault to try to keep the "Singapore system clean" by reporting government's wrongdoing, hence I apologize for making complaints against PAP's public servants who disobeyed the direction of the law and I'm deeply sorry to hear about the death (heart attack) of former PAP Maidin (https://tnp.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/former-senior-parliamentary-secretary-maidin-packer-dies), which looks like a non-violent, silent psychotronic protest by Al-Qaeda and/or other hostile countries. It's the inalienable tyrannical right (might is right) of PAP's public servants to disobey the direction of the law to bully and oppress defenceless low-income Singaporeans. MAidin = MAlaysia.

CPO-000034-2022 is highly inconsistent with Commonwealth fundamental values, principles, and priorities set out in the 1971 Declaration of Commonwealth Principles and contained in other subsequent Declarations, hence CPO-000034-2022 is a "formal declaration of war" against His Majesty King Charles III as the Head of the Commonwealth. If the sun never sets on the "Victorian (Benjamin Disraeli) clique" - it's gloom and doom for the bloodlines of The Duke of Edinburgh and the Commonwealth. Political dynasties like the nepotistic-cum-plutocratic Lee dynasty are seen as a threat by all de jure monarchs worldwide (except in Brunei and Malaysia) because they tend to overthrow de jure monarchs, hence the Lee dynasty is deemed an enemy of all de jure monarchs globally, including the British monarchy.

Commonwealth Principles must be effectively implemented in Singapore, or the indigenous people of ASEAN may turn to Russia to escape enslavement and/or extermination by the ABC (Australia-Arab-Bharat-China) colonialists, aka the "Ming clique" - India has been a member of SCO (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shanghai_Cooperation_Organisation) since June 2017. The survival of the Goryeo dynasty in Singapore symbolizes China's (including Taiwan's) failure to pursue "Ming hegemonism" in the Commonwealth (Asia), Korean Peninsula and ASEAN. I refer to https://eresources.nlb.gov.sg/newspapers/digitised/page/today20090102-2.1.8 (see below)

I think Singapore as a whole will become a more gracious society because ... we will have large-scale events to create awareness. Mr Cyrus

Anything related to the National Day Rally is tied to the "sovereignty of the Republic of Singapore as an independent nation" and Commonwealth citizenship, including the Commonwealth Principles declared in Singapore in 1971 - Singapore is crucial to the survival of the Commonwealth as an institution. The Commonwealth's current direction is to help the indigenous people of Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei resist "colonial domination and racial oppression" from China, India and Saudi Arabia - good must triumph over evil.


  1. China (covert and deceptive foreign interference)
  2. Israel (covert and deceptive foreign interference)
  3. Australia (covert and deceptive foreign interference)
  4. Saudi Arabia (covert and deceptive foreign interference)
  5. Brunei (covert and deceptive foreign interference)
  6. India (covert and deceptive foreign interference)
  7. Malaysia (MAIN culprit, covert and deceptive foreign interference)
  8. PAP (Malaysia's ruling party to enslave Singaporeans)
  9. Leo Yip (Malaysia's recruiter to hire the wrong public servants)
  10. MSF (Malaysia's casteism to enslave Singaporeans)
  11. CPS (Malaysia's child abusers to abuse poor Singaporean children)
  12. SSAs (Malaysia's "social scammers/social engineers")
  13. AGC (Malaysia's "casteism/lawfare operational brains")
  14. SPF (Malaysia's "casteism/lawfare operational staff")
  15. Family Justice Courts (Malaysia's lawfare against the Malays)
  16. Sundaresh Menon (Malaysia's "casteism/lawfare operational brains")
  17. Australia (Satellite mind control of indigenous people)
  18. Israel (Satellite mind control of Gentiles)
  19. Al-Qaeda (MAIN culprit, Satellite Psychotronic Terrorism)
  20. P5 (Satellite mind control of such persons or populations)
  21. G4 (Satellite mind control of such persons or populations)


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