POLICE REPORT E/20240603/7054

Date/Time Report Made: 3 June 2024 19:58

Brief details.

Incident linked to E/20240524/7024.

On 13 March 2024 at 11:18 - I told CPO Benjamin (benjamin_leow@msf.gov.sg), "Since this week is the March school holidays, Sumi can start to bring her things to her room this week. The whole process should take about 3 days to bring all her things over" and Benjamin replied at 11:22, "May I know what has changed that caused Sumi to give a different response this time? As I'm aware that previously she had been hesitant about moving back".

Benjamin took no action in regard to "Sumi wants to move in and live with me asap" and his inaction is an offence defined in section 166 (https://sso.agc.gov.sg/act/pc1871?ProvIds=pr1-,pr166-) as well as a violation of section 4 (https://sso.agc.gov.sg/Act/CYPA1993?ProvIds=pr1-,pr4-) because the direction of the law for CPO-000034-2022 is re-integration of the child to his or her family. I refer to https://www.elitigation.sg/gdviewer/SUPCT/gd/2018_SGHCF_20 (see below)

43  In ordinary circumstances, it would be in a child's welfare to be brought up by the child's parents.

44  This position is neither novel nor unprecedented. It is also consistent with a line with English cases. In Re H (A Minor) (Custody: Interim Care and Control) [1991] 2 FLR 109, the English Court of Appeal held at 113 that in a dispute over whether the child should live with a natural parent or some other family member (in that case, the grandmother), the applicable test is the child's welfare, and "there is a strong supposition that, other things being equal, it is in the interests of the child that it shall remain with its natural parents".

48  I noted that even if a child is determined to be in need of care or protection under s 4 of the CYPA, the child's parents do not fall out of the picture completely. While the state may intervene in such situations to remove the child from the parents' care at the relevant time, re-integration of the child to his or her family will still remain a desired goal. There may of course be cases where the unfitness of parents is so persistent and the long term prognosis of fitness so bleak that other goals are pursued instead. The welfare of the child remains the paramount consideration in all cases.

It's completely unacceptable that Benjamin didn't anticipate "Sumi wants to move in and live with me asap" at all. I suspect Benjamin is racist against indigenous Malays and therefore didn't want Sumi to reintegrate back into her family because my care and control ancillary order is from the Syariah Court. It looks like Malaysia's covert and deceptive foreign interference in the ruling PAP and the Singapore Public Service is deep-rooted, causing public servants to covertly harm our social cohesion domestically.

Australia is believed to possess AI-powered covert satellite psychotronic weapons, and this is the main reason why the Aboriginals can't be part of Australia's ruling class. The UK, New Zealand and Australian Gentiles are afraid that the Aboriginals might use AI-powered covert satellite psychotronic weapons against them in revenge for colonialism during the Victorian (Benjamin Disraeli) era. Australia, New Zealand and Canada made no mention of AI-powered covert satellite psychotronic weapons to date, and this concealment suggests that they intend to use these weapons to enslave or exterminate their indigenous people. However, Gentiles living in Europe don't benefit from such cruelty.

I refer to https://eresources.nlb.gov.sg/newspapers/digitised/page/today20090102-2.1.8 (see below)

I think Singapore as a whole will become a more gracious society because ... we will have large-scale events to create awareness. Mr Cyrus Ang

It's my gracious duty to "build a democratic society based on justice and equality" as well as to preserve, protect and defend the "sovereignty of the Republic of Singapore as an independent nation" against Malaysia's covert and deceptive foreign interference in the ruling PAP and the Singapore Public Service.


  1. Malaysia (MAIN culprit, covert and deceptive foreign interference)
  2. PAP (Malaysia's ruling party to enslave Singaporeans)
  3. Leo Yip (Malaysia's recruiter to hire the wrong public servants)
  4. MSF (Malaysia's casteism to enslave Singaporeans)
  5. CPS (Malaysia's child abusers to abuse poor Singaporean children)
  6. SSAs (Malaysia's "social scammers/social engineers")
  7. AGC (Malaysia's "casteism/lawfare operational brains")
  8. Family Justice Courts (Malaysia's lawfare against the Malays)
  9. Sundaresh Menon (Malaysia's "casteism/lawfare operational brains")
  10. Australia (Satellite mind control of indigenous people)
  11. Israel (Satellite mind control of Gentiles)
  12. Al-Qaeda (MAIN culprit, Satellite Psychotronic Terrorism)
  13. China (Satellite mind control of such persons or populations)
  14. India (Satellite mind control of such persons or populations)


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