POLICE REPORT A/20240320/7019

Date/Time Report Made: 20 Mar 2024 11:11

Brief details.

Incident linked to A/20240313/7020.

On 15 July 2021 at 11:09 AM, I was at the Family Registry to enforce my Syariah Court order (care and control). The counter staff told me that if my child was residing with my mother-in-law, the duty judge would proceed with the enforcement but she needed to consult the duty judge because my child was residing with my mother, not my mother-in-law. Later on, I met the duty judge (a Chinese woman) in a room via video and she told me that she can't enforce my Syariah Court order because my mother isn't a party to my Syariah Court order. She then directed the court staff to refer me to seek legal advice. I think the duty judge is bullshitting me that my mother has to be a party to my Syariah Court order for her to enforce it. I'm sure mothers-in-law aren't parties to any Syariah Court order. This is what happens when a complainant has no lawyer in the FJC - judges in the FJC apply the law according to their whims and fancies but not according to parliamentary intention and purpose. In other words, judges in the FJC are also the Executive and the Legislature - everything under 1 rotten roof without the separation of powers.

Casteism perpetuates systemic injustice but the law is just, hence casteism can't survive when judges apply the law as it is. Factually, the Family Justice Courts are collectively known as the "Casteism Courts (CC)" committed to deliver "justice that protects, empowers and restores casteism through the use of lawfare" - casteism in harness with lawfare is the most effective way for Malaysia (the Malay sultans who descended from Indian Muslims) to enslave Singaporeans through covert and deceptive means. FJC wants low-income Singaporeans to suffer injustice and harm our social cohesion as part of Malaysia's covert and deceptive foreign interference in Singapore - judges in the FJC are "covert local proxies" of Malaysia. Judges are the perfect "covert local proxies" of Malaysia because the public hardly ever suspects judges, thinking that judges are noble people. I suspect the FJC orchestrated CPO-000034-2022 to insult the Syariah Court​ - an anti-Malay (indigenous people) stance to harm our social cohesion and to impede the upward mobility of children born to low-income Singaporeans. The Malay sultans aren't indigenous to Malaysia and are seen as "foreign invaders" by the Malay bumiputras, hence the Malay sultans target the indigenous people of ASEAN (including the Malays who are the indigenous people of Singapore and the Malay world) for extermination and extinction, otherwise the Malay sultans can't sleep at night - fearing expulsion by the indigenous people.

I refer to https://str.sg/ipHe (see below)

SINGAPORE - Low-income families with children will receive more support, which could include helping them to save up to buy their own homes or to stay employed, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong said on Thursday. This is to "ensure that no family in Singapore gets trapped in a permanent underclass", he said.

And more than just closing the income gap, the Government wants to ensure that no family here gets trapped in a permanent underclass, he said.

The innately evil PAP government uses "subterfuge speeches" to subtly communicate their agenda to the policymakers to ensure that all low-income families with children would get trapped in a permanent underclass while "deflecting suspicion away from Singaporeans" regarding their culpability. I'm sure Israel didn't help build up the SAF to trap the Malays in a permanent underclass because the Malays aren't ethnically related to the Arabs (Babylonians). China (in collaboration with the LAS, India, Australia, Canada, the US) targets Turks (Uighurs), Koreans and the Malays for extermination and extinction.

I didn't serve my NS (1998 - 2001) to contribute to Malaysia's covert and deceptive enslavement of Singaporeans (since 1965), hence PAP must reimburse my NS. Singaporeans must break free from Malaysia's enslavement.

Subjects Involved

  1. Malaysia (MAIN culprit, covert and deceptive foreign interference)
  2. MSF (Malaysia's casteism to enslave Singaporeans)
  3. CPS (Malaysia's child abusers to abuse poor Singaporean children)
  4. SSAs (Malaysia's "social scammers/social engineers")
  5. Family Justice Courts (Malaysia's lawfare against the Malays)
  6. Sundaresh Menon (Malaysia's "casteism/lawfare operational brains")
  7. K Shanmugam (Malaysia's rotten lawyer)
  8. Singapore's 50 Richest (Malaysia's ruling class)
  9. PAP (Malaysia's ruling party to enslave Singaporeans)
  10. MFA (Malaysia's foreign policy of colonial domination/condominium)
  11. Legislature (Malaysia's lawmaking to enslave Singaporeans)
  12. LEE Hsien Loong (Prime Suspect, Malaysia's plaything)
  13. Permanent Secretaries (Malaysia's policymakers)
  14. Leo Yip (Malaysia's recruiter to hire the wrong public servants)
  15. SID (whispering campaigns on behalf of Malaysia)
  16. MINDEF/SAF Senior Leadership (Malaysia's instrument of NS)
  17. Al-Qaeda (MAIN culprit, Satellite Psychotronic Terrorism)
  18. LAS (Satellite mind control of such persons or populations)
  19. P5 (Satellite mind control of such persons or populations)
  20. G4 (Satellite mind control of such persons or populations)


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